The Latin term profusus became our language , in the adjective profuse . This concept is used to qualify what is large, numerous, lush or abundant .

For example: "The animal ran and hid in the profuse grove", "Upon receiving the shot, he began to bleed profusely", "Profuse sweating is one of the symptoms of this disease".

The profuse, therefore, is something that appears in large numbers or quantities . Take the case of an investigation that reveals a case of corruption. If the results of such research are disseminated in eight newspapers, seven magazines, eight television channels, fourteen radio stations and dozens of websites, it may be said that the subject had a profuse diffusion .

Different would be if the investigation in question it was hardly mentioned in a newspaper. In that case, the dissemination of work would be very limited, that is, nothing profuse.

Another example of this notion can be found if we analyze the amount of juice that can be obtained from a fruit . If, when squeezing a single orange, we manage to fill two glasses with the juice, we are able to affirm that this fruit gave juice profusely. It is not usual that, squeezing a single orange, two glasses can be completed, and for that reason the profuse refers to an unusual amount.

Profuse It is also the name of a Mexican company, based in the state of Michoacán , dedicated to the elaboration of products based on fruits and vegetables, with three and a half decades of history .

Profuse sweating

It is known by the name of hyperhidrosis, diaphoresis, excessive perspiration or profuse sweating to a medical condition characterized by a considerable and unpredictable level of sweating. A person with this disorder may sweat even if they are in state at rest or the weather is cool.

It is important to note that sweating is a natural mechanism that helps keep the body cool , and that occurs with greater intensity in temperatures warm, while we exercise or in the middle of tense situations, in which we spend shame, nerves or fear. Profuse sweating, meanwhile, does not need any of these factors.

One of the key points at the physiological level seems to be the degree of activity of the sweat glands , which in this case is excessive. When profuse sweating is observed in the armpits, hands and feet, it is called primary hyperhidrosis or focal . As expected, this condition has a strong impact on an emotional level, since it prevents developing of a normal social life, all this without forgetting the annoying it causes on a physical level.

With regard to their causes, it is usually not easy to find them; On the contrary, everything indicates that it is an inherited condition. Sometimes it takes place as a result of another disorder ; in this case it is known as secondary hyperhidrosis and can be seen in a particular area or throughout the body. Some of the problems that can lead to secondary hyperhidrosis are:

* acromegaly (a chronic disease that arises from an injury to the pituitary gland and causes an increase in the size of the nose, jaws, feet and hands);
* Cancer;
* anxiety disorders;
* carcinoid syndrome (tumors in the colon, small intestine, bronchi or appendix);
* hyperthyroidism;
* disease of Parkinson's;
* cardiovascular accident;
* spinal cord injury;
* infections such as tuberculosis;
* menopause.

With respect to treatments possible against profuse sweating, antiperspirant products are usually indicated in combination with deodorants, medications to decrease the stimulation of sweat glands, botox (to treat the underarm area), iontophoresis (consists of the use of electricity to temporarily close the sweat glands).